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P.O. box 67.

Dallas, Texas 75040

T: 469-537-8473

Layaway Plan by Justboojee

The Rules:

  • Minimums – Individual items must be $150 or greater.

  • Term – Layaway begins at the initial payment. Customer will pay half of the total amount. Example: If a customer order total amount of $150. He/She would have to pay $75 for the initial payment . The total payment of $75 will be due in 60 days.


Shipment and payment

  • Once the last payment is received the product will be shipped out to the customer ASAP!

  • All partial payment have to be done though paypal! You will fill out the contact information above. Please fill out all options and any special requests for the order. Justboojee will then send you and invoice through paypal that will give you the option for partial payment


Terms and Conditions

Layaway must be paid in full in 60 days or the order will be cancel. Any payments will be refunded, less a $25 cancellation fee.  It is possible to extend the layaway by contacting the seller 5 days before the cancelation dates. There will be an extra $10 charge for any additional extension of the layaway. You can extend the layaway once for 10 days.  

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